Mission: "To avail quality, efficacious and affordable life sciences solutions while delivering consistent Stakeholder value, Customer delight, Employee empowerment and Social transformation in innovative ways".

Board of directors

The Board of Directors is composed of people with considerable experience both in life science and business administration.
\r\n\r\nThe following are the shareholders and Directors of the company:-

Mr. Edward Martin

Chairman Quality Chemicals Ltd
\r\n Former Managing Director Wellcome Eastern Africa now an investor with investments in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and United Kingdom. He is British by origin and resides in Nairobi-Kenya.


Mr. Emmanuel Katongole

The former Managing Director of the company is a seasoned businessman specializing in management with long management experience in the biggest business concerns in Uganda. He is a Ugandan and resides in Kampala – Uganda.

Mr. Francis X. Kitaka | Director, Human Resource and Administration

He is arguably the grand father of private veterinary medicine practice in Uganda. He has been involved in the development of the Uganda Livestock sector since 1968. He is a Uganda and resides in Kampala – Uganda.

Mr. Randall Tierney

An industrialist with business interests in many\r\nCountries including USA, Canada, Ireland, England, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. He is Irish by origin and resides in Dublin-Ireland.\r\n

Mr. George W. Baguma

The Company’s former Marketing Director has long experience in the veterinary sub-sector and is a graduate of Imperial College of Science Technology and medicine (University of London). He is highly technical and a talented marketer. He specialized in Parasitology and Entomology.


He retired from government service at the rank of Deputy Commissioner, Ministry of Agriculture Animal Industry & Fisheries to start Quality Chemicals. He is a Ugandan and resides in Kampala- Uganda.


Mr. Frederick Mutebi

A specialist in finance and Finance Director who ensured proper financial housekeeping. Prudent and competent management of our resources ensures survival and his training in the United Kingdom is a great asset to the company. He is a Ugandan and resides in Kampala – Uganda.

Public Health and Pest Control

Quality Chemicals Ltd has been offering pest control solutions in partnership with NGOs, Public institutions

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