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Public Health & Pest Control Department

Quality Chemicals Ltd has been offering pest control solutions in \r\npartnership with NGOs, Public institutions and other privately owned \r\ninstitutions by distributing pesticides, pest control equipment and \r\nmaterial such as Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS) chemicals, Anti-Termite \r\n chemicals and Mosquito nets. Through our experience in IRS, Quality \r\nChemicals Ltd has diversified its products to fit in with the need for a\r\n cleaner and healthy environment by engaging fully in Public Pest \r\nControl.

This division is charged with control of Pests that \r\naffect human health in all human habitats like offices, residential \r\nhouses, factories, schools and institutions, hospitality institutions \r\namong other areas. We endeavour to use both chemical and non-chemical \r\nmethods of pest control to ensure eco-friendly service delivery.
The company is a registered member of:

  • The Agriculture Chemicals Board (Uganda) - Reg. No. UgFg/2014/0056/R
  • Uganda Pest Control Association (UPCA)

We work closely with the National Drug Authority (Uganda) to ensure the quality of our products and chemicals.
We are authorized agents for Bayer Environmental Science (Germany) range of Pest Control Products and Mosquito Nets.

Public Health and Pest Control

Quality Chemicals Ltd has been offering pest control solutions in partnership with NGOs, Public institutions

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