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The QCL Animal Health department has diligently risen through the years to become a leading service provider to the satisfaction of Uganda's farming community. With demand for animal drugs on steep increase, QCL with her dedicated team of professionals work round the clock to provide exquisite solutions to farmer's daily needs. We guarantee customer satisfaction with an assurance of top quality animal health products accompanied with excellent customer service delivery.

The Animal Health Division is manned by highly qualified veterinary professionals ensuring the proper handling of pharmaceuticals while offering great technical support in the application of best practices in animal healthcare.

We are the Technical Representatives in Uganda of six (6) international Veterinary Pharmaceutical giants of high repute including; Cipla ltd (India), Bremer Pharma GMBH (Germany), Montajat Veterinary Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd (Saudi Arabia), JOVAC (Jordan) & KEPRO BV (Netherlands).

Public Health and Pest Control

Quality Chemicals Ltd has been offering pest control solutions in partnership with NGOs, Public institutions

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