Audit & Assurance

The QCL Human Health division has steadily risen over the years to become one of the leading providers of human medicines to the public sector, private for profit and private none profit sector in Uganda. With the demand of human medicines andsupplies increasing year on year, QCL works to consistently meet and exceed that demand.

We are committed to improving the quality of health in Africa by providing high standard, effective and affordable products and forming reliable partnerships with internationally approved & certified manufacturers and suppliers.

The Human Health Division guarantees the satisfaction of its customers with its array of highly qualified professionals who commit to delivering a great customer experience, excellence, integrity and accountability.We are licensed by the National Drug Authority to engage in the import, export, wholesale of medicines, hospital consumables & related health supplies.

Our clientele:

  • Pharmacies, hospitals, clinics and health centres.
  • Distributers
  • Analytical Laboratories, Research centers, Universities
  • The Government of Uganda & Government Parastatals.
  • Non-Governmental Organizations

Areas of focus;

  • Communicable disease areas: Antimalarials, Antiretrovirals
  • Non-Communicable disease areas: Respiratory Medicines, Oncology, Antidiabetic drugs, Antihypertensives, Analgesics.
  • Reproductive health medicines.
  • Hospital consumables, devices and equipment


Quality Chemicals Limited has on its own introduced millions of Mosquito nets on the Ugandan private and public market to reduce the spread of Malaria. We have supplied insecticide treated nets to the Government of Uganda and various NGO’s i.e. UNHCR, USAID, WHO, World Vision, AMREF, Christian Children’s Fund,Catholic Medical Bureau, Protestant Medical Bureau, ADRA, Joint Medical Stores, Caritus and various employer-based companies.

In trying to curb HIV Aids, QCL started the importation and distribution ofAntiretroviral drugs, particularly the effective triple combination fixed dosetherapy. In addition to that, we started the importation, supply and distribution of rapid HIV/AIDS test kits (Statpak i.e. Sure check, dipstick and cassette).

In 2007, QCL partnered with one of its key suppliers , Cipla Pharmaceuticals India, to establish an Antiretroviral and Antimalarial drug manufacturing plant, the first of its kind in Africa. The company, along with Cipla Pharmaceuticals India, was enabled to manufacture the first fixed dose of ARVS (Trinomune) in Africa.QCL has always led the race of increasing awareness in the management of HIV/AIDS for professionals through continued medical education for technicalpersonnel and sponsorship of radio/TV programs.


  1. Product trainings for distributor sales teams, pharmacists, nurses and doctors.
  2. Continuing Professional development (CME, CPE, etc)
  3. Regular meetings or digital customer engagements.
  4. Free delivery of bulk purchases anywhere within Uganda.
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