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The story of Quality Chemicals Limited was carved and wielded by the eminent, ever-so-vicious flames of the Katweworkshop suburbia. Katwe, a town renowned for being the center of innovation, raw creativity and epic craftsmanship in Uganda, played host (still does,) to the first shop the QCL business owned. A small office room that later became a habitat for the creation of bold, daring and game-changing ideologies in the pharmaceutical industry of Uganda. With a sturdy leadership from the directors, the small office space gave birth and girth to the full shape of the Quality Chemicals Limited Ugandan Dream.
The company grew to own the whole building, atop becoming the pioneer company in the distribution of quality, affordable science solutions for the Ugandan Market. QCL also spearheaded the private sector participation in the Roll Back Malaria Initiative in Uganda. With flagship products like LumartemKO Net, Tsetse Tick, Ecotick, among others, QCL started meeting the very science solution needs of the Ugandan market and consequently became market leaders up to date.
For over the last 10 years, Quality Chemicals Limited has been achieving annual turnovers of over 4 million dollarsfor the last ten years and become a significant contributor to the Ugandan economy through employment generation and investment. We have achieved our corporate social responsibility mandate with great success through initiatives that impact the Ugandan communities.
We are continuously undertaking new strategic objectives and initiatives in the market to serve both our partners and customers better.

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